This is the most recent progression of the "Inflate-Deflate" series of photographs, a project which Ben has been working on, in various forms, since University. For this most recent progression of the project, it was decided to keep with the backlighting of the toys in the dark, but to try shooting out on location at the coast.

This was actually an idea planned in the earliest days of the project but it has taken until recently to be tried in a practical shoot. A suitably deserted location was found in Wales (which had been used previously by Amy for the "Underwater" series), and multiple visits over the winter of 2016/17 saw a large number of images shot.

Though the original concept of the project still remains, to produce eyecatching and colourful images using these essentially disposable items, an added dimension is that the shoot takes place in the environment in which they are designed to be used.

Though not without its challenges with the weather, problems with the props, lighting and so on, the shoot was a success and it is hoped to progress the idea further.