This is a 'real world' experiment with the sort of imagery being shot in miniature by Ben for his "Intercity" project, where internally-lit model trains were photographed in long-exposure images in abstract landscapes, lit to represent cities. Along with this concept there was a desire to find a more unusual take on the sort of traditional railway photographs he and Amy have been undertaking for some years.

The resulting long-exposure pictures were shot over several evenings around the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway and the Aire Valley main line, in West Yorkshire. The limitations on the project were to always shoot from public footpaths, and use only a tripod-mounted basic SLR just to see what could be achieved with such simple kit. The resulting images were then experimentally treated to some minor modifications to their brightness and contrast to make the colours stand out a little more, but generally the images were created by playing with the settings on the camera itself and varying the exposure times to take advantage of ambient light and the colours of the night sky.

With possible room for further experiments, they have also pointed the way for other shoots in the "Intercity" miniatures set, and selected images from "Night Trains" are due to be exhibited in 2017.