"The Home Is..." project began at University with a simple series of experimental images, shot by Amy, featuring a seated figure sat in an armchair, in a variety of unusual locations. The concept behind the shoot was to try and explore notions of relaxation by contrasting domestic settings where people chose to unwind and calm down, and juxtapose them with outdoor locations. A further element was to keep the model anonymous by having them reading a newspaper or book in each shot, and to include a few subtle items of set dressing linked thematically to the location.

Having received some interest in the concept from a gallery, a wider series of shots with a rather more elaborate set were created, and this led directly to the final series which was shot specifically for an exhibition in Sheffield in 2014. For these photographs, a large number of volunteers modeled in the images, with the constant being the set, which was arranged the same way in every shot. Locations were varied; from factory yards to mountainsides, station platforms to beaches, in Wales, the Midlands, Cumbria and Yorkshire. The project was well received and has potential for future, more elaborate, development.