A development of the "Light Trails" series, Amy took the opportunity to create a body of work purely focused on the town of Blackpool, in Lancashire. Famed for its illuminations in the autumn, numerous shoots for "Light Trails" had been taken here over the years whilst experimenting with various iterations of the project, but in 2016 it was decided that she would try to create a whole body of work here using the techniques crafted through the various experimental shoots.

Starting from the tram depot near the Pleasure Beach, Amy walked the length of the illuminations to Bispham one October evening. Her plan was to take the familiar elements of Blackpool -the trams, the tower, the piers, the amusement arcades and the illuminations themselves- and produce abstract and startling images in which the subject matter were only just discernable.

An immensely fun body of work to shoot, working free-hand with no tripod or monopods, the plan is to make a return visit for a second series in the near future.