This series formed the Third Year project for Amy at University. Prompted by the winding-down of the steel industry at the time, with the gigantic steelworks in Workgton on the coast about to face demolition, Amy used this as a starting point for an exploration of these dying (and in some cases already dead) industrial sites which had until recently been so important to west Cumbria.

As a thread which linked the resulting series, Amy used the Cumbrian Coast railway line as both a physical and thematic link to the locations which had formerly both relied on the railway for their own survival and in turn maintained the railway through the years of decline.

Photographs were taken around the industrial spoil-heaps and derelict buildings of Workington itself, the closed and long-demolosihed stations in the resorts of Port Carlisle and Silloth, the remains of the destroyed Solway Viaduct, and the last vestiges of the Barrow in Furness harbour railways, which were being ripped up to make way for a supermarket. Even in the ten years since the project, much of what was photographed- the last building at Silloth station, the harbour bridge at Workington Dock, the Barrow tramways- have been demolished through redevelopment or flood damage.